Catch the Perfect Waves with the Sedu Iron: Guest Blogger


When it comes to hair, stylist Amalia Moscoso of The Hair Dame knows what she’s talking about. From the latest and greatest products to the hottest celebrity hair trends, Moscoso has a range of expertise which she’ll be sharing all week long right here on the Birchbox blog. 


Summer is almost here and we swear we can already smell the coconut-scented sunscreen. But while we’re racing to the gym to prepare for bikini season, we also want to spend a little time perfecting our summer tresses. The seasonal look we love most? Effortless beach waves. It doesn’t matter whether you’re landlocked in Nebraska or on the islands of Hawaii, this gorgeous style will make you feel like you’re on vacation everyday.

We know it seems daunting at first, but with our easy step-by-step guide and the use of our favorite Sedu Iron, we promise your hair be summer ready in no time.

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Might have to try this!

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